Tuesday, 21 October 2014

ABCDEat - Asian Box Can Do Eat

It's time to party during this once-a-year celebration! Dress up in your favourite costume and go trick-or-treating! This year, Halloween will be like no other - say goodbye to the boring Halloween goodies that you get every year from your local supermarkets, and instead, fill your bags with all the cute and funky goodies from Asia, perfect to share with your friends and family!

ABCDEat (Asian Box Can Do Eat) is a new Asian snack box, created by the lovely Genie and her business partner Joey. ABCDEat are based in Hong Kong as an online store, they gather snacks from all over Asia to add into their boxes.

ABCDEat provides a monthly service, as well as boxes that can be purchased any time.
I purchased the first box the business put out, which is the Halloween Party Trial Box, the Trial Box is a smaller size than their other usual boxes, as the Halloween Party box was mainly created for feedback & review purposes.

Just because I love Halloween so much, I put extra effort into the set up of the photos today, be proud.

The package came in a cardboard box, and was really light, so light that when I first got it I thought there was going to be nothing inside! This was the only part of information that came with the package.

These are all the goodies inside, yummy! (The candles, cup and book are just there for decoration.)

The packaging of of this is soooo cute! I love it! Too bad I can't read the little comic, but it is adorable, I want to keep it forever.

A mass amount of little gummy lollies were also included in this Halloween box, the shapes of the lollies vary from brains to body parts to spiders, delish.
The only thing disappointing about these little gummy things is that some of them are from 'Trolli', which is actually a German brand, and it can also be bought here, in Australia, so that's a bummer.

I'm not one for potato chips, not that i don't enjoy them, just don't eat them often, but these look so cute and yummy, I can't wait to get my hands on them. 
The other product here are little koala bears! Adorable! I think they're little cookies.

 These are the last two sweets in the box, these little vampire teeth that come with fake, flavored blood and an eyeball type sweet.

The main reason why I purchased this box was to help the business out, there's something about small businesses starting up that I just can't stay away from.

Well, what I think of this box overall.. This was a really great start for the first box of anyone's business, even though things need work, like information about the products (which looks like they've made product information cards for the November box now anyway) and maybe a better payment system.
But on the good side, the contents of the box was amazing, even though there was that 'Trolli' brand in there, I can't wait to eat it all. The packaging, even though simple, did work and I was happy that all my goodies were secure on the travel here. The box also shipped here really fast, I used standard shipping and it took less than a week to arrive, which is great. 

I do want to complain about the price a bit now, the Australian dollar isn't that great anymore so it went up even more for me, but it costs:
US$15 + $6.99 for shipping by airmail 
$9.50 shipping by registered mail
I guess because the business is just starting up they're charging for more, and i'm not really sure how much snack boxes usually cost, because I don't really buy any, apart from an Australian snack box which cost $7.00, but I just think around $20 is too expensive for a snack box, but I don't have much experience with snack boxes so i'm not sure what the usual price is.

Anyhow, the business so far seems to be going well for them, and i'm really glad about that, they're both doing a really fantastic job and I hope they keep it up!

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