Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Chroniques Sexuelles d'une Famille D'aujourd'hui/Sexual Chronicles of a French Family

Yes, I know what the title is, I know how ridiculous this sounds, I know that you're probably all thinking.. "Why the hell is this even a thing?"

But I thought i'd just tell you all, that this was actually a really beautiful movie, I really, really loved it.

As we all know, French movies are amazing, sometimes they can be a bit off (*cough *cough Blue is the Warmest Colour, sorry), but it's obviously amazing that they know how to use sex and romance in a film, and Sexual Chronicles of a French Family does it perfectly, with aspects of love, romance, sex and, the reality of being human.

Maybe i've watched too many movies with sex scenes, and been too exposed to sexual encounters that sex in a movie doesn't phase me at all, I don't even notice it now, so it was obvious that i'd focus more on the meaning behind the movie and the interaction between the people and how they react, rather than complain about the excessive amount of sex that's in films/this film.

I mean, what other film opens with recorded handheld phone footage of a young girl who starts to film herself, smile, then move her hands down under her skirt and pleasures herself, during a school class?! Amazing. Plus, the girls characters name is Coralie, that's the best name ever.

I think all the characters in the film are all very different and unique from each other, there's so many complex views and concepts in their individual lives. The film varies around so many subjects, from homosexuality to prostitution to plastic surgery, can you see where i'm going?

The one thing I didn't like about the film was the way the females were shown during the nudity scenes, the way that they were just showcased as perfectly shaven, plastic women with no hair on their underarms or privates at all! WHERE IS THE REALITY IN THAT? I thought this was about being yourself and having a sense of individuality!?
But the movie did still capture my attention, and I admit to loving it even though that part was so hypocritical. I suppose I can't complain too much because this is the case for most films and how women are mostly depicted in movies now (thank god for Ken Park).

The movie shows a case of humour aswell, especially with the protagonist, eighteen-year-old Romain (Mathias Meilou), one scene in particular i'm thinking of, where the father takes Romain out to dinner. During dinner with his father Romain sulks about being a virgin at eighteen, and starts crying! On and on, Romain is crying about being a virgin, he even has to leave the table because he is too upset to talk further with his father.
After Romain comes back he asks his father if he's cheating on his mother, his father in reply then talks about his own sexual activities and the boy then begins to cry again!
It's the weirdest shit!

 So in the end, if you don't mind watching sex in an actual movie (instead of porn,) i'd give this a shot!
I mean god damn, they're all so beautiful, so real and vibrant.

I love it! Mwah!

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