Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Purederm Green Tea Collagen Mask

I've been super into green tea products and items lately, mostly because all i've been hearing is great benefits from drinking green tea/using green tea products! That's why I was super excited when Memebox came out with a green tea dedicated box, the Super #15 Green Tea Memebox.
This is where the Purederm Green Tea Collagen Mask came from.

So let's take a look.

This mask comes in this plastic sachet in the shape of a bottle.
Inside the sachet there the mask is, its very wet and covered in the solution, so at first, I had no idea how to use it because i'd never used a mask like this before.
After fiddling around with it, and not knowing whether I should use it over my eyes aswell, as it is required to be left on for 15-20 minutes, I managed to put it on my face.

After I put the mask on (and over my eyes too), I listened to Iggy Pop's radio show, and also kept the mask on for 40 minutes instead just to see if the results would differ. 
It was actually a really relaxing experience (especially with Iggy playing), the scent of the mask, which is a subtle scent, I don't particularly think smells like green tea, but it's soothing in any case.
The mask also didn't irritate my skin at all, it gave a cool, soft, gentle feeling on my skin.
I was also quite worried (mostly because I hadn't tried a mask like this before) that it would fall off my face, but it ended up staying on the whole time, even if I moved around 

After I took the mask off I didn't really notice the effects straight away but it left my face, really, really moisturized, so when I woke up in the morning, WOW.
I was so impressed with the results in the end, it made my face look a lot brighter and also helps healing my skin and nourishing it. 

I would definitely use this product again.

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